• K-Tech RDS (Rod displacement damping system) front fork cartridges are a complete replacement damping system designed to fit into original equipment front forks.  Designed and manufactured in the UK using the highest grade materials and processes available.  The RDS system uses a 14mm piston rod and 25mm control piston for a larger displacement of oil for improved damping performance, providing the rider a race level performance from their original equipment forks.

    • 24 clicks compression adjustment
    • 30 clicks rebound adjustment
    • 18mm preload adjustment
    • 14mm piston rod
    • 25mm control Piston
    • Increased stroke over original equipment
    • Aircraft grade aluminium
    • Hard anodised and super finished components
    • Wide range of spring rates available


    The RDS cartridges are only available through K-Tech authorised dealers who have been trained to install these products, there are specialist tools and techniques required to guarantee performance and safety of this product.




    BUY NOW NT 100,000