• KTR-4
  • The KTR-4 front forks use the patent championship-winning DDS (Direct Damping System) technology, which has been designed to compete at the highest levels of motorcycle racing. The DDS pressurised damping system uses 20mm displacing pistons to create a high flow of oil through the 32mm control valves to give precise damping control. The patent design eliminates cavitation making the system very stable under extreme conditions, the damping circuits are designed to work independently to improve the dynamics and response time. The system is pressurised by a spring force keeping it stable under all working temperatures.

    The new KTR4 forks benefit from having 0.5kg less un-sprung mass than the previous KTR-3 design and 10% more flex. Using the highest quality materials, processes and treatments with stringent design tolerances the KTR-4 front forks are now 1kg lighter than its predecessors and have been designed for optimum performance and weight, making it a serious option for any level of rider or race team.




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