• The K-Tech Tracker front fork cartridges are a complete replacement damping system designed to fit into original equipment front forks that do not have external adjustment as standard.  The Tracker cartridges are designed and manufactured in house to the same standard as all our performance products using the highest grade materials and processes.  Refinement, control, stability and style comes as standard with the K-Tech Tracker front fork cartridges that are aimed at the custom/classic motorcycle owner.  The Tracker cartridges come with external adjustment for spring preload, compression and rebound damping allowing the rider to adjust the forks for all types of riding styles and conditions.

    • External independent adjustment for compression and rebound damping
    • External spring preload adjustment
    • Increased comfort and control
    • Refined looks
    • Optional spring rates.

    The Tracker cartridges are only available through K-Tech authorised dealers who have been trained to install these products, there are specialist tools and techniques required to guarantee performance and safety of this product.

    These cartridges are not supplied with springs and must be ordered separately.




    BUY NOW NT 24,800
  • Model Start End Part No
    R Nine T SCRMBLER 2015 2015 TACKER
  • Model Start End Part No
    FLD 2009 2009 TRACKER
    FLHR 2009 2009 TRACKER
    FLHS 2009 2009 TRACKER
    FLHC 2009 2009 TRACKER
    FLHR 2009 2009 TRACKER
    FLHT 2009 2009 TRACKER
    FLHX 2009 2009 TRACKER
    XL 1200 2009 2009 TRACKER
    XL 883 2009 2009 TRACKER
  • Model Start End Part No
    Bobber 2017 2017 TRACKER
    T100 2014 2014 TRACKER
    T120 2016 2016 TRACKER
    Street Twin 2016 2016 TRACKER
    Scramber 2006 2006 TRACKER
    Speed twin 2019 2019 TRACKER
    Thruxton 900 2004 2004 TRACKER
    Thruxton 1200 2017 2017 TRACKER