• The K-Tech Razor-R Lite shock absorber is an affordable replacement option for middle weight motorcycles offering refined handling and enhanced performance over the standard equipment. Designed with quality and performance in mind the Razor-R Lite shock absorber have an internal reservoir to separate the nitrogen gas from the damping oil to give continuous increased performance. They are adjustable for rebound damping, spring preload and length to allow owners to improve their riding experience.

    • Rebound damping adjustment
    • Length adjustment
    • Spring preload adjustment
    • Nitrogen (N2) filled
    • Increased performance and control
    • Spring rate options available




    BUY NOW NT 15,800
  • Model Start End Part No
    Z900 RS 2018 2021 RAZOR R LITE
    Z900 2017 2017 RAZOR R LITE
  • Model Start End Part No
    MT03 2016 2021 RAZOR R LITE
    MT07 2013 2021 RAZOR R LITE
    MT09 2014 2021 RAZOR R LITE
    TMAX 2017 2021 RAZOR R LITE
    YEF R3 2015 2021 RAZOR R LITE